So, I’ve heard a lot of excuses come out of my mouth over the years. You know, like telling someone “I’m sorry for being cranky but I didn’t sleep well last night.” Excuses come easy and quick for some of us.

In full disclosure and painful transparency, there was a shift in my heart last Sunday concerning some of the excuses I’ve been making. While sitting in church, I wrote out a few observations I felt God wanted me to make about the condition of my heart.

I’ll be real honest, it was about as fun as stepping on a Lego while barefoot. And, I’m not exactly thrilled to be sharing what I wrote down. But I feel compelled to share it with you. I feel God is telling me to.

So here goes… here’s your glimpse into my personal journal. You can read below and see how God is chiding me when it comes to those “self-justified” ill thoughts and behaviors of mine.

I’m annoyed by people who express their varied emotions through anger. I want others to have the maturity to look me in the eye and tell me they were hurt, or scared, or disappointed, etc.  But I usually respond in anger when I feel hurt by someone.  What does that say about me?

We need each other. We need wise counsel, the benefits of different personalities and strengths, the experience that comes with age and different life lessons. But often, even though I’m rubbing elbows with people who are pretty much experts in the areas I struggle in, I try to live by my own knowledge and resources. What does that say about me?

 I forget to tap into the supernatural strength God can give that will catapult me in the right direction concerning those difficult relationships in my life. What does that say about me?

There are times when I talk about other people when they are not around. But I am wounded and indignant when I think others are talking behind my back. What does that say about me?

As I’ve done some self-reflecting, I’ve definitely answered those questions, fully aware of what they say about me. But maybe, if you identify with any of these topics, maybe those questions are for you too.

What I find so refreshing about God is the fact that He cares more about our hearts than our comfort. He wants us to push past the excuses and dive into the painful process of owning up, growing up and shaping up.

Why? Because He knows it’s in our best interest, and the interest of those we interact with, for us to leave the excuses behind.

The development of maturity is something I find to be difficult and time consuming. But so very worth it!

As I work to peel back the layers hidden within the observations God pressed on my heart, I am going to throw out an invitation for you to do the same. Together, let’s take those little steps toward being responsible adults who toss away the excuses and seek positive change. Let’s grow up together.

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