Award winning author, Rebecca Morgan, encourages people to remain radiant and joy-filled regardless of life's circumstances by running to Jesus.

Rebecca Gertner Morgan


ChristianWritersAwardSealRebecca’s first book, A Different Road Traveled, received the Xulon Press First Place Award for Christian Fiction, 2014

Rebecca’s deepest desire is to share with others the importance of using our ability to choose, because life can present us with many options. Many of the voices out there are negative, but God offers us a life of purpose, identity and confidence. Rebecca brings up the important question of: what voice we will listen to?   Rebecca’s life includes growing up in a traveling family ministry, working closely with girls in the foster care system, volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, and nearly a decade of being a pastor’s wife and youth Sunday School teacher. Accounts of domestic violence, stalking, and other types of abuse were prevalent in the people she came across during those years. This season of life impacted Rebecca’s heart and have deepened each of her novels. By putting a voice and fictional face to the tragedies seen in this world; Rebecca hopes to inspire readers to be the change the world so desperately needs. But her most heart-shaping experience of all came in the form of cancer. Rebecca’s late husband, Luke Gertner, fought a valiant fight, spending most of his time pointing others to God. Watching him journey to our real home changed the way she sees life and this earth. It also offered her the chance to experience first-hand the radical and seemingly impossible redemption only God can bring to shattered hearts and broken lives.   After healing her heart, God brought Tim Morgan into Rebecca’s life, and their marriage has been one of her richest treasures. Along with writing novels, Rebecca is a radio co-host, writes articles for Christian magazines, partners with organizations that fight sex trafficking and violence towards women, and speaks to audiences of all sizes about the Joy and redemption God wants to bring to every life. Rebecca is carefully crafting the last 2 books in The Strength To Stand series. This collection of four books includes the book A Different Road Traveled, which received the Xulon Press First Place Award for Christian Fiction, 2014.

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