After being pulled into a very complex conversation about the family dynamics of someone I know, I was reminded that having a peace-filled home is a daunting goal that requires diligence. For some of us, we are dealing with the dynamics of a broken home or blended family. Others deal with a distant spouse, or an angry spouse. Shoot, some of us are the angry spouse. Some of us are the very people who disrupt the peace in our homes.

I know personally, that has been the case many times over.

Upon thinking and praying about this a lot, I’ve come to see some areas where I’ve been remiss. So, I’ve broken it down into an acronym.

Why? Because I think acronyms are cool. It makes me feel smart when I can match the words to the letter.

Also, I think acronyms can be helpful in remembering the stuff that easily slips our minds.

So, here it is. The 5-step plan I’m hoping to implement to create a home that is known for exuding peace.

P- Perspective. This word is probably one of my favorite because it always reminds me that there are several ways to look at a situation. There’s mine, the other persons’ and there’s God’s. Life is best when we go with God’s.

E- Effort. Anything worthwhile is going to require effort. Having a peaceful home will most definitely take hard work. So don’t give up!

A- Affirmation. We need to take the time to speak words of affirmation to the people living in our home. Including ourselves. We need to speak life! When we encourage and build people up, great things happen.

C- Conflict resolution. Any time you have more than one person in the room, there’s a chance for conflict to happen. Learning proper ways to handle conflict can be a life saver! Or should I say peace saver? Toss out the ineffective methods of avoidance, blame, yelling, or manipulation and try to focus more on the problem than the person. Nine times out of ten, conflict stems from miscommunication or a simple clash in personalities. Being able to say some thing is wrong instead of saying someone is wrong is a huge step in the right direction.

E- Expectations. Sometimes our expectations can get out of hand. If we have unmet expectations of others, we can feel stressed-out, burned-out and ready to say “I’m bailing out!” At this point, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. Have we clearly communicated our expectations? Are we being reasonable in what we’re asking for? What do others expect from us? Do we need to have a time of practicing active listening?

Let’s say we all try this for a few days and see what happens? Let’s call it “operation house of peace.” I’m ready, are you?

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