Do those words intrigue? Inspire? Fill you with curiosity?

For me, they fill my heart with longing. I have to tell you that it would be a dream come true to hear someone say, “your novel saved my life.” As a cause driven author, one of my main desires is for my writing to make an impact: both to the reader, and the those who need an advocate.

For the month of July, Choose Joy has been hosting a fundraiser for a young missionary, Samantha Belford, who is moving to South Africa to work with children who are vulnerable to a lifestyle filled with gangs, violence and trafficking. By moving to Africa and volunteering at RISE, the lives of countless children will be forever impacted by Samantha.

But here’s where the cool part comes in…It’s not just one person who works to impact the lives of others. It’s everyone who contributes. The missionary. The writer who gives the profits from their books sales. And in your case, the person who buys the books.

Let me extend a very heartfelt invitation to join Samantha and myself in this endeavor. Buy an ebook (or 4!) at or paperbacks at Today is the last day, so please act now! Help me attain the dream of my books saving someone’s life. Help Samantha reach her dream of serving in Africa. And most importantly, help a precious child have the ability to not just dream of a life free from gangs, violence and trafficking, but to live one!

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