I was weeding in my backyard when, all of a sudden, a rattlesnake was less than two feet away from me. My heart lodged in my throat as I watched our cat pounce, trying to stop the vile creature as it struck toward me. But, my cat failed and the fangs sunk deep into my right arm.

The world spun as intense pain seared through my arm. After that, I don’t remember anything other than a neighbor scooping me up and placing me in the back of their truck. As we sped to the hospital, I watched in alarm as my arm turned purple and blue.

Fortunately, this was merely a nightmare. What set this dream apart from others, though, was the fact that upon waking, my arm hurt in the exact same spot as where the snake had bit me in my dream. Not just a little, it really truly hurt!

Sure, we’ve all had those crazy nightmares that seem so real. But this one shook me up more than usual.

This one showed me the power of my mind, and how much our thoughts impact us on many levels.

I was recently at a woman’s event and the topic was “I believed, and so I did.” It was a very inspiring event to be sure! And I walked out of the building asking myself hard questions like:

What do I believe about myself?

What do I believe about God?

And as I lay in bed the morning after waking up from the snake nightmare, I rubbed my throbbing arm and marveled at the fact that what I believe will eventually come out in some way, shape or form. For the span of a dream, my mind wholeheartedly believed I’d been bitten, and so my belief came out in temporary pain.

What we think and believe impacts us more than we realize.

So, what do we believe?

When we look in the mirror, what comes to our mind?

Do our beliefs strike at us, sinking poisonous fangs into our hearts? Do we watch in horror while parts of us explode with pain and turn black and blue?

Or, do our beliefs scoop us up when we are wounded and rush us to the help we need? Are they quick to carry us to the Healer, Jesus Christ?

Take a moment today to really meditate on the fact that we have the power to choose what we believe. We aren’t defenseless victims to negative self-images. We don’t have to listen to the horrible names that echo in the recesses of our minds.

We are Children of God.

Made in His image.

Bought at a high price.

And redeemed from any sin that has ever touched our lives.

So, I ask again. What do you believe?

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