Fear can wield a machete, deftly cutting our hearts and lives into tiny pieces. But only if we allow it to have power over us.

Fear can do something else, too. It can challenge our minds to start searching for and discovering truth. And once again, this can only happen if we allow it.

After dealing with a stalker off and on for over a decade, fear and evil are no strangers to me. They’ve been knocking long and hard at my door; but just like the person stalking me, this insidious duo are not welcome here, and never will be.

Unfortunately, there have been times when I have allowed the presence of fear and evil to influence me. I’ve listened to their whispers in the dark hours of night and, sadly, I’ve paused to consider the lies they shout at me as I go about my day.

What happens when we listen? We give them strength.

So how can we counter their prevalent force? With truth. God’s truth about us and His truth about His victory over sin and death.

We are all in a battle with satan and his darkness, but the war itself is already won. There may be small victories for satan here and there; but still, ultimately God wins. Every time. Even in those little things, God takes that evil and works it around for our good.

I’ve been challenged to seek truth about the situation I am in, and I’m basking in it. Because truth says light overtakes darkness. Truth says stalking is temporary and nothing that happens could ever take God by surprise. Truth says I have the absolute best bodyguard in the universe.

Seeking truth can be a solitary journey, but it is so much richer when you have loving people at your side. There’s strength in numbers. So please, invite others to fight alongside you. Ask for Godly perspective and for a reminder of your true identity in Christ.

Life may be hard at times. We all feel the strain of living in a sin-tainted world. Each one of us will experience trauma and hardship. For many, fear and faith may always be at war.

But I encourage you today to remember two things:

1) Either fear or faith will win, it just depends on which one you feed.

2) There is strength in numbers, so find yourself loving comrades in this war between good and evil.

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