It was slimy. It was stinky. It made my children scream. It was something we all would have preferred not to have seen, but there it was, right under our sand covered toes. This rotting piece of seaweed produced more ocean odor than anything we had come across all day, and we quickly took ourselves to another place on the beach.

Such a simple part of exploring the coast of Oregon turned into a time of thinking for me. I thought about the wave that brought the offending seaweed onto shore and was reminded that waves also brought treasures, like fragile seashells and beautiful rocks. In fact, the best time to go looking for shells and rocks is right after a storm.

When the waves are fierce, their power brings what is hidden in the depths of the ocean to the shore, allowing us to see both the good things, like seashells, and the bad things, like rotting weeds.

When the storms of life are fierce, what does it stir up in you? Is it stinky and offensive? Or are the people around you blessed by something beautiful as a result of hidden things being brought to the surface? One way to make sure you don’t offend those around you when the waves of life start churning is to bury treasures, like God’s word, deep inside your heart.

What you put in your heart will eventually be brought to the surface – choose wisely!

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

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