“We weren’t designed for death, that’s why it’s so hard to lose a loved one. We were never supposed to experience that.”

Those are the words that were spoken to me in the wake of my first husband’s death. Those words rattled around in my head, nudged me to meditate on their truth, and have seriously impacted me for years.

You see, when God designed us, He made us in His image, and He made us to commune with Him.

Death, introduced by sin, wasn’t in God’s original design.

Since death causes us to experience a pain so deep, a pain we were not intended to feel, we find ourselves lost in grief. Our minds have a hard time processing the loss and while we work through those emotions, we protest and cry out to God asking Him why something like this could ever happen.

However, God isn’t to blame when a loved one dies.

It’s sin.

Sin corrupts, causes decay and death- the death of all sorts of things. If sin had never entered the picture, no one would know the pain of losing a loved one. There would be no widows, no fatherless children and no prayers whispered in the dark of night, pleading for happiness to return.

But there is something else we were never designed to experience, and that’s sin itself!

We weren’t made to defy our Creator.

We were made to live in God’s presence and enjoy knowing Him. So if death is something unnatural for us that causes extreme emotions and grief when it happens, why don’t we also grieve when sin happens? Yes, we are born into the sin nature as a result of Adam’s sin, but we are also born knowing that apart from the rapture, we will all die.

Sin and death go hand in hand. And so should the grief.

If we were to take the time to really understand what our sin has caused us to lose, we would weep over it?

Did anger cause a friendship to die? Did pride result in a lost opportunity to learn? Has judging someone caused them to avoid church and God?

In Leviticus 19:2 God says “… Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy.”

That is what we were made for; to reflect God’s holiness.

Death is a by-product of sin. Life- real life!- is a by-product of God’s holiness.

We need to enter into a frame of mind where we hate sin just as much as we hate death. We should weep and mourn, pray for forgiveness and then go make it right. And every time we feel the anguish of saying goodbye here on earth, we should allow that pain to drive us to be holy.

We may not be able to stop loved ones from dying, but we certainly can choose to stop sin from living.

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