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During a season of young widowhood with 3 small children, I found my passion for writing. My novel, A Different Life Lived, won an award and both that book and its sequels have been much loved and enjoyed by my readers. For a short time only, these books, along with a devotional, are available as limited editions because I didn’t stay Rebecca Gertner, the widow! I am now Rebecca Morgan, the wife of Tim Morgan! Hurry and get your signed copies today, before they are gone! Choose Joy is a nonprofit organization that brings awareness to the issue of violence toward women and helps families in need. With a donation of $20 you will receive your choice of any one of Rebecca’s novels or her devotional Unstoppable Truth. Make a donation of $65 to receive all four novels AND her devotional Unstoppable Truth!

Last year, when my grand daughter was pregnant, we sent her your books and lifted her up in prayer, and He healed her as she repented. They said there could be fatal complications, but our faith remained strong. Even though they had to induce labor 3 weeks early, God worked another miracle in my life. I know in my heart He has special plans for my granddaughter.

Mona Heflin

Would love to win another awesome yet interesting book from you. And I don’t really take the time to read unless it keeps me interested. I’ve read your books 4 times already, and ready for some more. Would love this!!!

Kelly Wilson

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Strength to Stand Series

In a world where standing for your beliefs and being boldly different takes courage and strength, it’s tempting to settle for average. But for the main characters of The Strength to Stand series, breaking out of the mold is just part of their everyday existence. As Rachel Riley, Violet Thompson, Mercy Taylor and Shawn Sinclair seek to accomplish the things they feel driven to live for; they each face heartache and pain. And for some, their very existence is placed in jeopardy. In the midst of it all, each one finds that true satisfaction in life is only obtained through being an overcomer and standing strong. They discover for themselves that anything worthwhile is worth the risk. Find yourself inspired and encouraged to be all you were meant to be as you are immersed into the difficulties and triumphs of the courageous people who dared to be different.

A Different Plan Unfolding

What happens when your future is threatened by unresolved anger? For Shawn Sinclair, the answer to that question demands to be found as he watches his world crumble before his very eyes. With a grim diagnosis, he knows his life will never be the same. As he fights the demons of fear, he disregards the need to resolve his rage toward Frank Smith and his bitterness toward Russell Sinclair. While Shawn braves his worst nightmare, his wife is left to pull the pieces of their shattered dreams back together in a desperate attempt to keep from falling into the deep pit of depression that promises escape. Will Shawn be able to stop his anger before it destroys him? And will his wife find a way to hold on to the life she so desperately wants.

A Different Child Born

When you are faced with danger, how do you decide which action is the lesser of two evils? For Mercy Taylor, it seems as if every choice she makes will end in sorrow. With a tragic childhood and a marriage that ended too soon, it comes as no surprise to find herself fighting for her life. But the traumatic events of her life includes more than just herself this time, it includes her child as well. As she is literally running from her past, she’s forced to make decisions she’s not prepared to make. But in order to make the right choice, she must come to terms with her past and find a source of hope for the future.

A Different Life Lived

What happens when keeping a secret is harmful to one person’s life, but the revealing could bring the end of someone else’s? When Violet Thompson decides to return to Mexico, she thinks it will be a good thing. But when it costs her a relationship she thought she wanted, she begins to wonder. Then, when the Missions trip involves things she didn’t expect, she finds herself faced with the decision to pack up and go home, or to face her fears, swallow her pride and press on. Will Violet be able to keep her secret? Or will she have to risk the life of someone else in order to save the dreams she has for her own?

A Different Road Traveled

Xulon Press First Place Award for Christian Fiction, 2014 What happens when obtaining the dreams of one person means the death of another person’s dreams? Rachel Riley is a strong woman. She’s a woman who knows what she wants from life. She’s beautiful, independent and successful. Frank Smith is a strong man. He’s a man who knows what he wants from life. But he doesn’t know how to get it. And after many failures, he’s convinced that fulfillment is just around the corner. In this gut wrenching drama of clashing desires, Rachel Riley faces her worst fears while Frank Smith deals with his own demons that are dragging him down. As they both fight for what they want, they will have to turn to something stronger than themselves to help them live their dream life. With a refreshing mix of humor and drama, this book will have your heart pounding in fear and your mouth shouting in anger, all while laughing at the unique personalities of the people captured on the page. But most of all, it will inspire you to find the strength to live the life you want.  But choose wisely…what gives you strength now may be your undoing later.

Unstoppable Truth

The message of truth that the world has to offer has been mixed with half-truths, lies and hidden agendas. It’s a dangerous kind of truth that needs to be stopped from influencing our lives. The message in the Bible, however, is God’s truth- truth that rightfully deserves full reign of our hearts and minds. It has the power to positively affect your earthly life and when embraced, results in eternal life. God’s truth is an unstoppable force. Nothing can stop it; not silence, not denial, not even death. We can either choose to be a part of it, or we can stand back and watch it move powerfully in the lives of others. Unstoppable Truth provides you with 30 devotionals designed to challenge you to fully embrace God’s truth, allowing its unstoppable greatness to work in you.

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