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Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca Gertner Morgan


Award winning author, public speaker and radio personality, Rebecca Morgan, inspires others to remain joyful regardless of circumstances. Rebecca is the founder of Choose Joy, a nonprofit which brings awareness to the issue of violence towards women and helps families in need.

Should the past be past?

Until the devastation in Texas, the media was filled with stories telling us the social climate of the United States is just as dangerous as a hurricane. Countless articles and news updates reported on the hate, injustice, prejudice, and warped versions of “freedom of...

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What face do you see?

Abuse has a face...Thoughts of domestic violence leave me praying for a neighbor I once had who found refuge in my home. With blood and tears streaming down her face, she pounded on my door and lived through the night only because she dared to seek refuge. Cancer has...

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A novel saved my life!

Do those words intrigue? Inspire? Fill you with curiosity? For me, they fill my heart with longing. I have to tell you that it would be a dream come true to hear someone say, "your novel saved my life." As a cause driven author, one of my main desires is for my...

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