Choose Joy by Rebecca Morgan

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Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca Gertner Morgan


Award winning author, public speaker and radio personality, Rebecca Morgan, inspires others to remain joyful regardless of circumstances. Rebecca is the founder of Choose Joy, a nonprofit which brings awareness to the issue of violence towards women and helps families in need.

Be like the moon.

I rounded the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. Someone was standing outside the glass patio door, peering into the house from the shadows of night. In a matter of seconds I jumped, yelped and began to demonstrate the newest kickboxing move I’d learned from an exercise video earlier that day.

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Are you taking notes?

“I wuv you so mut, mommy.”

On Valentine’s Day, those adorable words echoed through the public bathroom while a mother was patiently and lovingly cleaning her small girl after she’d had an accident in her pants. The mother hadn’t spoken the words first, but obviously the little girl saw the motherly acts for what they were: demonstrations of lov

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